Super Kids Day

May 30, 2017

These super kids had a brisk, but fun Super Kids Day!

Reminder: tomorrow (Wednesday, May 31st) is the BOGO book fair at Rice Lake.  It’s open 8am until 6pm.  Students who have money during the day will be spent down to the media center to shop.


Fun Run

May 19, 2017

The “Electric Phoenixes” did a fantastic job at the Apex Fun Run!


April 21, 2017

Today we did our first Breakout box (not digital), and had a blast.  Thank you Mrs. Erickson for helping me set it up!  We broke out of the box successfully by solving five puzzles which were related to math.  Our prize hidden in the box was some outside time this afternoon.

Math Vocabulary Dance

March 23, 2017

We’ve been learning a lot of math vocabulary, and here’s our performance of some of the words we’ve learned.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2017

We’re glad the dental health presentation wasn’t today.

Our winners!

Lab 02.10.17

February 10, 2017

Welcome to the lab!

Please take your Spelling Inventory Test.   Only take the test once.  When you have results, please print one copy and deliver to Mrs. Berg.

  • Now, finish typing your love letter in Osseo Apps.
  • Change the font to size 16.
  •  Check for capital letters and punctuation marks.
  • Whisper read your letter to make sure it makes sense.
  • Use the white double arrow to narrow your margin to 4.
  • Share the document with Mrs. Berg.
  • Print one copy, deliver to Mrs. Berg.

Now, make a math choice!

Paperclip Party

January 25, 2017

Our class has been working hard to earn compliments from other staff members.  Each time they receive a compliment, a paperclip is hung on a chain.  When the chain reaches the floor, we have a celebration party!

We enjoyed wearing hats, playing games, devouring unhealthy snacks and drinks,  and taking in the sounds of a campfire while reading with a flashlight.  What a memorable day!

We’re already have our next paperclip chain started, with four paperclips. 🙂





















Happy Winter Break!

December 22, 2016

My gift to you is something homemade, and will give you lots of laughs!  Enjoy the links below.  I’ll miss you, and I’ll see you in 2017!

Jib Jab 01

Jib Jab 02

Jib Jab 03

Jib Jab 04

Jib Jab 05

Jib Jab 06

Jib Jab 07

Obstacle Course Mannequin Challenge


December 16, 2016

At Rice Lake this week, we’ve had some fun making some Mannequin Challenges!

Check them out.

Read to Self

Indoor Recess

What Rice Lake Staff do when the students are gone!

We are so thankful we made it OUTSIDE for recess today.  Enjoy the weekend!


I’m thankful for…

November 22, 2016

Follow the link below to check out a little project we worked on today.